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Max Life - Advanced Telemedicine

This Gallery Showcases Max Life's Products

Max Life Systems in the US
Max Life Telemedicine Systems
Max Life Bonded Connect Case
Max Life Clinic Case - White
UT Health MSU
UT Health MSU
Live Ambulatory Telemedicie
Max Life System in Ambulance
Max Life Clinic Case
Max Life Clinic Case
Max Life Components
Max Life - Custom Installation
Max Life Exam Cams
Max Life - Overhead Cam
Max Life - Dash Cam
Max Life Ambulance
High quality components, 
that save lives.


We have taken telemedicine to the highest level. By making it mobile and streaming live, while being simple to use, in the most urgent situations. Whether in an ambulance or in a mobile Max Life Portable Unit, live streaming can be done between physicians, specialists, paramedics, and patients to achieve better results in advanced diagnosis and care.

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