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Max Life™, Advanced Telemedicine for Pre-Hospital Diagnosis and Care, is the latest in advanced mobile ambulatory telemedicine technology. Originally designed for pediatric/neonatal emergency transportation it is ideal for any emergency transportation services. Any facility that wants to promote themselves as cutting edge will want to have this available to all their patients. This sophisticated, yet simple to use system provides LIVE access from the high quality IP cameras using a touch screen interfaced CPU. When an emergency call is initiated from an ambulance or hospital the cameras are activated and can be viewed LIVE to help assist paramedics and emergency physicians treat patients in critical need of life saving procedures. Not only is this a live access system allowing real-time audio and video, but simultaneously recording every moment. Completely HIPAA compliant and providing the highest level (AES256) of security in the public domain. Max Life™ will remain connected even in the most rural areas as it can function properly as low as a 2G signal on through 4G LTE service.

There are three unique cameras included in the standard Max Life™ system. First, there is a high quality multi view IP camera providing a 360°, 180o or panoramic overhead view of the interior of the ambulance. Physicians viewing these cameras images will have a clear overall image of what is taking place inside the ambulance. The second camera in the system is a top quality webcam, attached to the touch screen monitor. This camera provides physicians a face to face view with the paramedics allowing another perspective view of the patient. The third and most significant camera is the Max Life™ eXAMcam™. This handheld HDTV 720p, IP camera is housed in a rugged water resistant aluminum grip. The eXAMcam™ provides paramedics the capability to stream LIVE video to physicians at a hospital, precise up close specific, areas of immediate concern. The Max Life™ eXAMcam™ is equipped with two momentary buttons. Button one is for the bright LED light, which provides a brighter non shadow view of eyes, ears, mouth and throat. The second button is the snapshot function. With a press of this button, a jpeg picture is taken and stored, which can later be used for further diagnosis, documentation and to be included in the patients file.   

Max Life™ is available in a versatile and compact water proof rugged unit. The system components are contained within a durable carrying case measuring 22” x 18” x 9”. This portable easy to carry system has all the equipment the hardwired; vehicle system has as mentioned above, less the overhead camera. Simply open the case and plug in the 12V DC power cord into the vehicles supplied power outlet. This system has been designed for ambulances, fire/rescue, police and many other first responders. Wherever there is a mobile need for recorded and LIVE access video, Max Life™ is there. When the 4G LTE network connection is activated the modem can provide GPS real-time tracking and mapping. *Contact the seller for network details and activation.


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